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Next Couple's Relationship Workshop


Sat-Sun 11 & 12 February 2023,

in Mona Vale NSW

An intimate face-to-face immersive workshop to help you reconnect and learn how to maintain emotional connection.

Upon completion of this unique workshop, you’ll know how to take responsibility for yourself and your relationship, with practical tools and learnings to ensure your connection is strong, healthy and able to be maintained into the future.


Here's a 5-star review from one of our recent participants:

"Amanda & John exceeded all expectations! Having them share their knowledge and support with us, in building greater connection in our relationship, was a true gift to receive. The Retune event was a beautiful opportunity for my partner and I to build upon the foundations of our relationship, and truly create the vision of our future together as a couple. It was a wonderful experience and we will certainly be investing in working with John and Amanda in the future." - Madelyn S


All workshop participants are interviewed prior to accepting a booking,
so apply here for an initial 15-min Zoom call, to explore whether our
RETUNE weekend workshop is right for your relationship.

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November Couple Relationship Workshop

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November Couple Relationship Workshop Day 2

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