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Helping Couples Reconnect


We specialise in helping couples reconnect by teaching you how to love your relationship.


Learn how to improve all aspects of your relationship when you opt in for our free video resources. Sound good? We know it is!

Our Story

When we met later in life, we were both intentional to not repeat the mistakes in communication breakdown and disconnection we’d experienced in our previous relationships. We knew all too well the pitfalls we wanted to avoid and the qualities we wanted to create. 

This led us on the path of researching what are the fundamental qualities of healthy, fulfilling relationships?

As individual personal development coaches, we decided to attend professional Emotional Intimacy training and this provided us with so many ‘Ah ha!’ moments, which we now apply daily to create and maintain the quality of relationship we both intended. 

Knowing how well this has worked for us was our motivation to share with others, and so we began talking with other couples about their relationships.  

We discovered that they too, were yearning for connection, and so RETUNE was born to Help Couples Reconnect

As one of our clients rightly commented, “Communication is the key and having a broader perspective can change the whole picture.”

We have both been through the ups and downs of relationships, so we know first-hand that they can be both our greatest challenge and biggest opportunity for personal growth.

Success in a relationship is not a given. We need to establish genuine emotional connection and authentic communication, and that takes time and effort. For that work to be fruitful, we also need to be working with the correct mindset and the right tools. 

Upon completion of our unique program, you’ll know how to take responsibility for yourself and your relationship, with practical tools and learnings to ensure your connection is strong, healthy and able to be maintained into the future.

So, why not invest in yourself and your relationship?

Let us help you explore the uniqueness of your relationship and discover out how you too can reignite that spark!

If you do, we know that you will find the way back to fulfillment and joy, and it’s so worth it, because you’re worth it!

Why Retune?

Research shows that maintaining EMOTIONAL INTIMACY is the #1 reason behind successful relationships.

Emotional intimacy is where two people communicate effectively and respectfully, are open and honest about their needs, and feel seen, heard, respected, loved and trusted by each other.

The purpose of RETUNE is to help couples reconnect, experience genuine intimacy, and provide an environment for their children to experience and model healthy, loving, intimate relationships.

Your Facilitators

We help couples 
rediscover their connection!


Amanda learned her interpersonal, team and cultural development skills through 37 years in the health and fitness industry. Discovering her passion for coaching and education at The International Coaching Institute, Amanda chose Relationship Coaching, and how to build and maintain Emotional Intimacy, as her speciality.

Amanda’s coaching clients often share that their relationships no longer fulfil them – “something is missing”, “It’s not working anymore.” This is really sad when of course they came together in love and somewhere along the way, they lost connection with each other.

This has fuelled Amanda’s passion to help couples find their way back to love, being seen, being heard, and being cherished.

In her personal life, Amanda has navigated her way through relationships that have challenged her needs and desires, each of which revealed a path to personal growth.

Those that have engaged with Amanda soon realise her depth of wisdom, approachability, capacity for understanding and deep empathy.


John is known as a Wise Elder amongst the various circles he occupies. His passion to help people live more fulfilling lives stems from his own awakening, which started in 1991. As the author of Man Unplugged – Exploring The Inner Man, he’s an active facilitator of men’s gatherings and retreats, a coach and a mentor.

With more than 40 years of varied relationship experience he also knows what can make or break them, and in his coaching role often hears men sadly reminiscing about lost connections with their partners and children.

Some have simply given up and choose to co-exist in a loveless convenience, which sees them missing out on the richness, fulfilment and opportunity for personal growth, that a healthy and functional relationship can bring.

His deep understanding of what’s needed for healthy relationships, especially for men, merges beautifully with Amanda’s experience, to create this dynamic duo!

(Both Amanda and John are trained by the International Coaching Institute in Emotional Intimacy)

Discover how to put the spark back into your relationship!

Why not invest in your relationship, and reignite the 
wonder and joy of true emotional connection.

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Learn how to improve all aspects of your relationship when you opt in for our free video resources. Sound good? We know it is!